Are mobile users feeling inundated with ads? In the UK, there are indications that the answer is “yes.”

UK mobile device users laid it on the line, according to freshly published research conducted by Instantly. The upshot? More than 50 percent said they think mobile ads are “annoying and disruptive.”

Polling results also revealed that 24 percent were content to look at mobile ads in exchange for free content, but 9 percent hoped for something a bit better in exchange, like

special deals.

“Well targeted mobile ads could also help for this group, which was interested in placements for products that were relevant to their interests,” a report summary from eMarketer explains.

“About two-thirds of UK smartphone and tablet users told Millennial Media in late 2014 that they thought it was fair to see mobile ads — if the apps and websites they were using were free,” reports eMarketer. “That was slightly lower than the U.S. rate of acceptance, but higher than in France, where 37 percent characterized such a tradeoff as unfair.”

It’s not surprising. More and more surveys have shown that disruptive ads — and irrelevant ones — are making mobile users ornery.

“More than half of respondents to the Instantly survey said they would click on mobile banner ads if they offered services that fit their immediate needs,” according to eMarketer. “And nearly half of internet users in Great Britain surveyed separately in October by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK) and YouGov said they were less likely to block ads that did not interfere with what they were doing.”


Source: mobileadvertisingwatch.com

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