Mobile ad platform, 4INFO, has partnered with shopper targeting and analytics provider, Kantar Showroom, in an effort to target consumers based on their shopping habits. Kantar can now match its aggregated retailer sales data with device data from 4INFO.

The partnership allows marketers to precisely target their audiences using past purchase data, instead of just using location history which is less accurate. Campaigns are measured for their incremental in-store sales value.

Katie Casavant, CEO, Kantar Shopcom, says:

katie-casvantk.jpg“The combination of 4INFO’s unprecedented mobile advertising platform and Kantar Shopcom’s massive retail product purchase data enables brands and advertisers to target differentiated audience segments and drive incremental sales results. Our exciting partnership supports national campaigns and hyper-local marketing investments, which is increasingly essential for marketers as advertising dollars shift to mobile.”

4INFO’s relationship with Nielsen Buyer Insights enables the company to also link credit and debit card transaction data to help target and measure consumer behaviours for brands and agencies. Previously, it has been difficult to measure branded products sold across multiple retailers. That’s where the partnership with Kantar comes in. Now, brands selling their products across various shops and retail sectors can tap into Kantar Shopcom’s data aggregation at UPC level and utilise 4INFO’s platform to target their campaigns based on purchase history, irrespective of where those products were bought or how.

Kantar collects retail data from 175m consumers and 32,000+ retailers across US shopping malls. This data includes 55m product SKUs with an aggregate SKU-level data pool of 15+ retail sectors and 300+ retail categories.


Tim Jenkins, CEO, 4INFO, says:

“Access to SKU-level purchase data has previously been only available to CPG marketers, giving them the ability to precisely target and measure mobile ad campaigns with tremendous results based on sales lift. The availability of such a category-wide data source has fueled tremendous growth in mobile advertising from CPG brands. Now with 4INFO’s new retail solution in partnership with Kantar Shopcom, we expect to see similar interest from companies that sell across other retail categories.”


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