If you are not afraid of Google using your private data, it is time to update Google Play Music with its new benefits. The refreshed Google Music will be available this week in 62 countries on Android, iOS and web. Google app will be able to make a playlists based on your personal location and actions.

For instance, if you are going to spend some time in a gym, Google will advise you tracks for training. In case you’re on the way to work, all the tunes will be ideally adopted for listening on the subway. Google’s algorithms also depend on the weather: the music is absolutely different for rainy and sunny days.

Moreover, if you’re concerned about giving Google too much information about yourself, service will work in accordance with the privacy policy.

The updated Google Play Music will create a list of preferred compositions after analyzing both contextual data and the music you tend to listen. In order to meet the tastes of the audience, Google uses techniques of machine leaning as well as human expertise.

There are some periods when you don’t have internet connection, in such situations it is convenient to use Google offline playlist, which was previously formed especially for you.

The competitive advantage of Google in comparison with Spotify and Apple Music is clients’ habits data processing, which allows predicting musical preferences accurately.

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