According to TechCrunch, it has become possible for Facebook to read user’s facial gestures in its app after the acquisition of the university spinoff company FacioMetrics. The startup has worked out an app Intraface, which is able to identify seven emotions online, but after the merger it’s not available for downloading.

In the near future Facebook may use FacioMetrics’ technology in order to share Likes and express anger or sadness only with a help of facial gestures.

First Facebook plans to use the FacioMetrics technology to compete with Snapchat: it will create augmented reality face masks for users. Facebook and Snapchat have already presented several selfie masks that occur in response to your mouth or eyebrows movements. Therefore, FacioMetrics’ tech allows improving animated effects in photos and videos.

According to the Greensburg Tribune Review, app like Intraface is really helpful in identifying drowsy drivers, decoding focus groups data, finding signs of depression and developing avatars in video games. In addition to this, Facebook’s Oculus division is interested in idea of life-like avatars, which can be changed depending on the emotions. For instance, if you are shaking your fist in Oculus, your emoji avatar will become angry.

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