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Apple is not the fastest to implement virtual reality in its phones and tablets, but now the company has a chance to keep up with competitors.

According to Business Insider, Apple plans to improve the iPhone’s camera app with the help of AR technologies. Apple cooperates with AR/VR startups Metaio and Flyby Media, which it acquired during 2015 and 2016.

Using new iPhone app it will become possible to point the camera to the object and have it identified. This reminds of AR startup Blippar, which offers similar features. Another possible upgrade is facial features recognition, something we can already find in Snapchat and Facebook-acquired Masquerade.

There is no information about the time of Apple’s update release.

At the beginning of this week Bloomberg wrote that Apple is thinking about releasing smartglasses, but you shouldn’t expect those earlier than2018.

The technology of augmented reality has become really popular in 2016 after the release of Pokemon Go, where the players catch virtual creatures in the real world. Many app developers are interested in refining this idea, which means that the topic won’t lose its relevance.

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