Apple is opening the second iPhone repair program in one week. The company is ready to replace some iPhone 6s batteries for free because of unpredictable shutdowns of the smartphones. This problem is relevant for devices which were produced between September and October 2015.

In case you’ve noticed the technical error in your iPhone, it is necessary to check your corresponding serial number at an Apple Store or with other authorized service centers. Possibly your iPhone 6s can’t be a participant of the repair program.

If you’ve decided to contact the store, be sure that all your data is backed up, the settings are deleted and the Find My Phone service is switched off. In addition to this, the company pays attention to the fact that defects as cracked screens won’t be repaired for free during the service. Moreover, if your iPhone randomly stops working but was produced in different time period, free battery replacement won’t be provided. Apple will reimburse expenses for those who have already bought a new battery because of technical problems.

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