Uber has announced updates for its mobile app: all satisfied passengers now have a chance to send stickers to the drivers as a thank you after the trip. Any customer may rate perfect service, cabin cleanliness, ideal choice of music tracks and friendliness of taxi driver. Uber drivers see the compliments in special app section.

Certainly the update has significantly improved the existing feedback system. On the other hand, has Uber done everything possible in order to reward taxi drivers for an excellent work?

For example, why not implement special feature in app which will allow to tip the drivers. Another possible improvement is to offer real awards for the large number sticker owners like vehicle maintenance or car upgrades.

The proposed solutions may not meet the company’s policy, which fights against recognizing drivers as employees. In May 2016 Uber even paid $84 million in California and Massachusetts in a lawsuitthat gave the company opportunity to be separated from the taxi drivers. Despite of financial losses, Uber saved money in employees’ remuneration, compensations for petrol and car park maintenance.

However, one day stickers might become really valuable and drivers will have a chance to receive bonuses in the future.

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