snappy gifts

On the New Year’s Eve we start thinking about the gifts for relatives and friends. Risk of buying the wrong present, which will disappoint the recipient, is really high. The new Snappy Gifts app is here to help. It will find what your friends thinkabout the present even before the purchase.

This is how it works: you can choose your price and category of the gift, for example, gadgets from $1500 to $3000. Then you pickk preferred brands from the list. Selected electronic version of the present can be sent to the recipient for free.

When your friend receives the virtual gift, they can approve it or change for something else at a similar price. After this, the sender gets the letter  telling what the friend has picked, also suggesting to payand deliver the order. Snappy Gifts has good discounts from suppliers, so the margin between the wholesale costs is only 10 percent.

However, the app still needs some work done. The design is not perfect; in addition to this, the present collections are available only on iOS. Moreover, if someone doesn’t pay for the gift, it won’t be shipped to the poor full of hopes recipient.

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