Telegram is not satisfied anymore with being a mere messaging app and wants to broaden the opportunities of the users. On Tuesday the company introduced the Telegraph publishing platform, which shares some similarities with Medium and Quip. It is not necessary to create an account in the new service; you can just visit the website and start writing. When the post is ready, hit “Publish” and send the article to the web at once.

The platform lets you do quick publications after filling the “Title” and “Author” fields. It is easy to add YouTube or Vimeo videos to the post, links to tweets and pictures from your personal computer.

Telegraph concedes Medium in that it can’t create catalogues and collections from the published works. Each post has only web address in specified format. Therefore, you may edit finished articles only in case your computer saves cookies. For those who regularly clear the cache, use incognito mode and access the internet from 2 or more devices it won’t be possible to edit the published post.

Why did Telegram decide to implement the blog function? The answer is still not clear, but the company likely wants to offer 100 million audience something more than just instant-messaging and communication with bots. Moreover, Telegraph is able to become a safe environment for the sensitive topics discussion, which is not relevant for other popular platforms, as readers need additional privacy.

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