microsoft phone

After numerous attempts, Microsoft still can’t find its niche in mobile market. But the company is not ready to give up: according to CEO Satya Nadella, new phone from the company will outperform all the competition.

Nadella noticed in an interview with Australian Financial Review that Microsoft doesn’t plan to stop smartphone production; by contrast, it develops the mobile device of the future. Therefore, the company doesn’t want to follow the today’s standards, it purposes to introduce the world atotally new generation of smartphones.

However, desire alone may not be enough, Microsoft initiatives in the sphere of mobile have failed many times.

Low sales in the market of mobile devices don’t influence the company’s leading position as PC manufacturer. The Surface computers are very popular; moreover, they’ve inspired many copycats. In addition to this, Surface Studio is one of the most impressive products in the computer world from Microsoft. If company is able to present such innovations for the potential smartphone buyers, all the forecasts about the perspectives of Windows Phone will be changed dramatically.

We are expecting something interesting from Microsoft this time. Critics are pessimistic about the new line of mobile devices, but, hopefully, they are wrong this time.


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