Lightricks has announced the updated version of Facetune 2 app with 3D effects. Users are able to create high quality pictures in smartphone without any help of professional editors, TechCrucnh reports.

It is already possible to download Facetune 2 from App Store. Of course there can’t be any comparison between the new app and Photoshop where the ideal result is achievable. Anyway, Facetune 2 is irreplaceable for those who take photos on mobile devices, immediately edit them and publish in social networks.

facetune-1There are several steps of the app’s operation. First of all, it finds the face in the picture and scans it automatically. Then you may make the facial features bigger and smaller or just change everything. It is also available the function which helps to improve the skin tone and smooth out wrinkles.

Moreover, Facetune 2 turns on a unique feature of live editing when you are making a photo. Smartphone transforms into a magic mirror for a moment. This is an incredible technical invention but possibly not very useful.

In addition to this, the new editor constructs 3D facial models based on only one shot. So the app outstrips the competitors which can’t create realistic light effects on photos.

Despite of many advantages of Facetune 2, first users gave it low marks because of overprice. Devs offer to buy each editing tool separately with a total cost of $45. As an alternative you may acquire rights for using the program during a month, six months or a year for $1.99, $6.99 and $9.99 respectively. It is remarkable that the original Facetune app worth $5.99 for all the features.

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