instant games

You can now play games anywhere and anytime on Facebook. The company has announced new HTML5 platform called Instant Games. If you want to start the game, just open the Messenger app or the Facebook News Feed without any additional downloads. Instant Games platform is available both on the web and mobile devices.

The platform is in closed beta right now, and there are 17 games to choose from, including Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders and Words With Friends. Leo Olebe, Facebook’s director of global games partnerships, claims that the company aims to implement classic and new games, which will work smoothly on the new platform.

Facebook already tried to integrate game into the Messenger: in March 2016 there was created a secret basketball game. But this time the company concentrates its efforts on making Instant Games an integral part of Facebook instead of disposable entertainment.

You may use notifications in the main Messenger menu and Facebook app bookmarks in order to find a particular game. Moreover, friends can still recommend you games through the News Feed.

Facebook works on different projects connected with the game industry. Recently the company launched PC gaming platform Gameroom[2]. In addition to this, Facebook Live is used for streaming in Blizzard Games[3]. According to Leo Olebe, different gaming services will satisfy the whole range of requests from the audience.

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