apple maps

Apple is going to use drones and improve navigation inside the buildings in order to compete successfully with a market leader – Google Maps.

Apple has formed a team of experts specializing in robotics and systematization of data. Their main goal is to speed up the process of collecting the necessary information and map updates by using drones.

Apple wants to fly drones above the streets. They will be able to fix road signs, mark changes in the roads and warn about the places where renovations are taking place. Drones send data to Apple, where the mobile application will be changed immediately. As the result, users will be provided with accurate information.

Apple Maps was launched in 2012, five years later then Google Maps for iPhone. There were lots of mistakes in the application: a grocery store was marked as a hospital, the airport address was incorrect. The company concluded that it didn’t have the technologies for processing data from different sources.

Over time Apple updated application: the speed of information exchange increased, the function of navigation in the public transport was created, the platform was opened to such external services as Uber and OpenTable. The appearance of drones is the logical continuation of the companies’ activities related to Apple Maps, but it doesn’t connect with commercial Apple drone product.

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