Trusted Contacts

It is possible to track all our movements with a help of smartphones and Internet connection. We usually don’t want someone to intrude into our private space in ordinary life conditions, but in dangerous situations it can save our lives. Therefore, many large tech corporations start to think about personal safety. For instance, new app Trusted Contacts from Google allows to instantly connect with family and friends in case of emergency.

Mobile application helps to note trustees in the contact list. The message with your location will be sent for this group of people in case of car accident, forest fire, earthquake or anything else. You can create your own message for trusted contacts or use templates. The app also displays the status of your activity: where and when your phone was on the move in the past few minutes, hours and days.

Trusted Contacts is already available on Android and expected on iOS in the nearest future. New app’s features are quite similar to Facebook’s Security Check, where there is an opportunity to share information with your friends about your safety. Moreover, Apple launched parallel program for iOS, which transmits data about the person’s location to his family.

Trusted Contacts has just appeared in the market, but Google has been developing web security tools since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina happened in USA.

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