In the new Chrome version users are able to download pages or videos and view them later offline. Developers have also added a number of useful features to the browser: automatic underlining of misspelled words, better contextual search, additional memory and performance improvements, which is especially important for owners of devices with less than 1GB of RAM. Updated Chrome for Android will be available for everyone in the coming days.

To view content offline in the updated Chrome you should tap on the download button in the browser menu. When video or page is downloaded, user will receive a special notification that the item is available without the Internet connection. All downloaded content can be found in the browser window or in the downloads tab.

The new feature is useful for those who are often located in areas with poor signal. For example, if you travel on subway without wireless internet connection, pre-loaded articles or videos will help you to spend time.

Just a few years ago Google stood against copying websites and downloading video from such resources as YouTube, but then the company radically changed its position. Possibly many site owners will react negatively to the fact that Chrome users may view content without advertising.


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