Twitter’s official iOS app users have noticed today that when replying to someone there is no more @ name tag, there is a special note mentioning who this reply is for instead.

After recieveing a heap of negative feedback Twitter quickly reverted this change. They also claimed that it was an experiment gone wrong: it was supposed to be a test among a small percentage of users which acidentally rolled out for everyone. 

Despite this being acknowledged as an error, it is easy to see these new replies as a logical next step for Twitter. Photos, GIFs, quote tweets and polls are no longer considered as additional characters in order to make tweets longer. Moreover, it has become possible to tag 50 users in respond to a tweet, creating wonderful Twitter canoes.

Twitter has also recently revamped its feed. In addition to retweets and likes counters, there is now also a replies counter. Moreover, when tapping on a tweet, its prelies will be sorted algorithmically by “importance”.

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