Yesterday Facebook launched the new feature that allows users to report about fake news. After selecting the option “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook”, it is possible to note that the news is not true. The information will be processed and moderators will take a decision to remove the post or not.

Self-monitoring user system was created as one of the activities in response to the unprecedented number of fake posts on Facebook during the election campaign in the United States. Initially, the company denied all, but then Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to take action to protect the social network in the future.

The first step was to forbid the using of Facebook ad network to generate revenue to all sites with fake news. Then, it was created special news section with Facebook self-selected credible media. In addition, moderators began to receive data from the automated system that analyzes multiple parameters and notes the materials that it is necessary to delete.

Source: Engadget

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