Instagram has introduced new live video broadcasting feature, which allows users to share their life moments with subscribers in real time. In addition, it is possible to view the topical videos, which are selected by the special Instagram’s algorithm. The first information about the service appeared in November. During the next few days all the USA residents will be able to test the video broadcasting on their devices.

The new feature can be found in the “Instagram Stories” section: it is necessary to open the photo area and select the “Live” mode. It is important to mention that live videos are not stored in Instagram. They are available to subscribers only during the broadcasting. Users perceive videos which immediately disappear totally different from ones that may be viewed again. This is the key difference from the competitive services, including Facebook, which owns Instagram.

Since live videos are easy to miss, the Instagram added a special section with the best content selected according to the certain criteria. The search in Instagram is simpler in comparison with the other online video platforms.

The new Instagram feature, which has all the chances to success, will be available for all the users around the world very soon.

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