Tinder has announced the app for Apple TV. TV receiver and touch panel remote help users to select potential candidates swiping right, left and up on the big screen in HD. The application can already be found in App Store.

For Tinder Plus subscribers it is available an optional feature that allows to rewind. In order to make it work on Apple TV, it is necessary to shake the Siri Remote. In addition, if you paid for Boost option to post your profile on the first position or chose Passport feature to search for candidates all over the world, they will be available on Apple TV too.

However, if you want to send a message or edit your Tinder profile you need to use iOS mobile app. Another drawback of the new program for Apple TV is the necessity to sign out from your account to give another user an opportunity to swipe. But Tinder is already working on making the profiles change much more convenient.

Tinder suggests that dating app will be useful to Apple TV users in case there is no phone available or if they want to ask the advice from family members.

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