Google has released an update for iOS Google Drive app to simplify the process of transition users with iOS devices to Android. The new “Backup” feature helps to copy contacts, upcoming calendar events, photos and video to Google Drive. Then using the same Gmail ID it is possible to transfer all the data automatically to a new device.

The principle of the app’s operation is easy: after downloading the latest version of Google Drive from App Store it is necessary to sign in Gmail account, which will be used on the new smartphone. After that user has to visit menu settings and choose “Backup”. Before tapping “Start Backup” it is required to mark the content for transition.

The process can take several hours depending on the number of copied files, especially photos and video. Therefore, Google recommends keeping the phone charged and being close to good Wi-Fi connection.

When the backup is complete you can open Google Drive on Android smartphone and transfer all the information. However, the owners of Pixel devices are better to use a special adapter that is created for direct connection to the iPhone.

Source: NDTV

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