Facebook has introduced new feature that allows to select background color for your status. You can choose from red, purple, yellow, orange and blue backgrounds, as well as gradient fills. The new feature was released exclusively for Android users, but it is possible to view new statuses on iOS and the web.

Earlier in 2016 Facebook found out during the internal monitoring that the number of personal posts had a 21% decrease from mid-2015. Instead, users began to publish links to external resources. The appearance of multi-colored statuses may return the audience attention to personal posts. If Android users like the novelty, Facebook will be able to start working on the other visual tools.

Different text styles and drawing features are available on Facebook Live and Messenger, so Facebook has all the chances to return the interest to personal posts on its flagship platform.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg’s company paid more attention to the video services development, rather than choosing the best text format. In November 2016, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox forecasted that video would generate 70% of social network traffic by 2021.

Source: DigitalTrends

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