Viber, which is still not as popular as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, has released update for its application. The company introduces the feature that allows sending video messages to friends from the contact list. In addition, Viber gives access to quick search on the web during chat by using the symbol “@”. Updates are available for both iOS and Android devices owners.

In order to create video message on Viber, it’s necessary to hold finger on the video icon in the message box. Notice that any video should not exceed the time limit of 30 seconds. When shooting is finished, the user may release the button and send the video to friend. The message will be seen in the usual dialog window. If the future users worry about the video which can be failed at the first time, it is always possible to make another one by sliding to the left. Unsatisfactory frames will be deleted automatically.

If you want to test the web search feature in chat, you need to type “@” symbol at the bottom of the screen and select from the list of appearing extensions. Then it’s time to search the term and instantly send the best result to friend. At launch, Viber has opened access to sites like Wikipedia, Giphy and TheMovieDB.

Source: Digital Trends

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