Three weeks ago Uber introduced new feature that allows tracking passengers’ location during the journey and for five minutes after. The company explained that it sought to improve client services and to ensure safety. However, users were dissatisfied with the fact that tracking system continues to work for a few days or even weeks after the trip. Uber has found out after the investigation that the location data are collected by Apple Maps app.

After the update, which was released in September 2016 on iOS, Uber taxi extension appeared in Maps. In order to make the service work properly, it’s necessary to enable location tracking in Apple Maps. Uber claimes that users who do not want to share information about their location can disable Uber extension in Maps’ “Settings”.

Passengers can also be confused because the app encourages them to choose between only two tracking options: “Never” or “Always”. The company denies that it will constantly monitor users. The main aim is to collect only the necessary data about the trip. Therefore, passengers don’t have to worry about their personal information safety.

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