Duolingo application for foreign languages study adds social feature Duolingo Language Clubs, which can be turned on optionally. After the update, Duolingo users will be able to share their achievements with friends and participate in competition of identifying leader of the week. Language Clubs are already available on iOS and Android in Russian, English, French, German and other languages.

More than 150 million people use Duolingo, but previously it wasn’t possible to share the results of their studying. Luis von Ahn, CEO and co-founder of Duolingo, claimed that new features’ appearance should contribute to high students’ motivation and rapid achievement of their goals.

Updates are launched right now, because it is traditional to think about studying foreign languages not earlier than next year. In addition, those who get smartphones as a present also tend to immediately download interesting apps. Therefore, December and January are very important months for Duolingo in terms of finding new loyal users.

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