Google has announced the official start of Instant Apps testing, which is already available for some Android users. Instant Apps is a feature that allows running parts of applications without preloading or installing them. By doing so, Google occupies the niche between web and native applications.

The new feature will help mobile apps to expand their audience, as users even in big cities do not have constant access to WiFi or LTE, so it is not always possible to download large files. Instant Apps is created for situations when you need to get information and move on.

The feature will be available for all Android users in the nearest future. The test group of users may not even notice the new feature. If a simplified interface appears after following a link to an application, Instant Apps is already active on.

Ellie Powers, Group Project Manager at Google, first introduced Instant Apps in May 2016. In the demo a user shared a link to the “Tasty” app with a friend, who was able to see the recipe within the app without any additional downloads. After that, he could leave the page or download the full version without having to look for it in Play Store.

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