lg g6

The new LG flagship will be officially launched at Mobile World Congress on February 26, 2017 in Barcelona. G6 model is equipped with 5.7-inch display. Moreover, it has almost no bezels frame around screen, like in many devices of new generation. G6 is made entirely of glass and metal, which distinguishes it from previous LG flagships, which used plastic in design.

In addition to this, G6’s screen has unusual aspect ratio of 2:1. It takes up more than 90% of the device’s surface,. LG G6 will have a headphone jack, non-removable battery and waterproof body. From G5 new model inherits rear design, including dual-camera system and center-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix is the closest competitor of the LG smartphone, as it also has “edge-to-edge” display. Perhaps Samsung Galaxy S8 may have similar design. Another similarity in appearance of G6, Mi Mix and rumored Galaxy S8 is curved display corners.

LG’s position in the smartphone market is not the best, as mobile business has not been bringing the expected profits to the company for many years and experiment with modular G5 failed in 2016. So the future LG’s perspectives depends on the G6’s success.

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