galaxy s8

A set of videos has appeared on Samsung Display official YouTube channel, showing a phone that may be the Galaxy S8. Video may not be related to the new flagship from Samsung, but the device we see corresponds with  many rumors that circulated previously.

One of the videos shows a smartphone with wide AMOLED display, thin frames around screen and high STBR (screen to body ratio). None of Samsung models, which are available today, has such design. Moreover, according to rumors, Galaxy S8 was planned with “edge-to-edge” screen, which is now very popular among manufacturers such as Xiaomi, ZTE and Sony.

In anothervideo it is possible to see smartphone from the bottom: it houses a headphone jack, a speaker and a USB-C connector. Since the phone is very thin all the ports appear unrealistically small.

The last video shows the smartphone’s front side with speaker at the top. It is remarkable that there is no “Home” button, which goes in line with what was unofficially reported previously about Galaxy S8.

Expectations for the  new Samsung flagship are very high after the unsuccessful Note7 series and arrest of Jay Y. Lee, head of Samsung Group, on suspicion of bribery. Therefore, company needs to release a smartphone that users will welcome unconditionally, which will return Samsung reputation as leader. The company might be on the right track with this one.

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