Facebook has announced today that advertising will be integrated in Messenger app. Testing will be limited to Australia and Thailand. In these countries, companies will be able to place ads on Messenger’s home page below Favorites and Active now tabs in the coming weeks.

According to Facebook, companies are very interested in using new advertising platform where it is possible to interact with billion of users, increase sales and build brand loyalty. Especially valuable for advertisers is the fact that Facebook encourages communication between potential buyer and company. Ads in News Feed links directly to dialog box with brand. More than billion messages are sent by customers each month.

Messenger users will be able to hide or report ads from dropdown menu. However, they will have to accept that advertising will occupy a lot of space in Messenger. In addition to this, ads will not appear in the conversations unless the user follows a link on home page or starts a dialogue directly with the brand. Companies, in their turn, will not be able to initiate conversations.

The testing will involve small number of users. There is still no information about expanding the territory where ads in Facebook Messenger will be available in future.

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