Twitter will replace Moments tab by universal Explore section in mobile apps on Android and iOS. There will be Moments, live-streams and trends in new section. Thus, Twitter strives to combine news and video features in order to attract more user’s attention.

Previously, each Twitter’s section was located in different places. So it was not possible to develop video streaming service that could only be found via Moments. Now, live-streams are located in the top of display, while trends and Moments are below. Moreover, there is unified search bar for all Twitter features, which gives results immediately in more and less popular sections, which should help increasing audience’s engagement.

In addition to this, Twitter claims that it does not want to distract users from Moment. This section will be displayed after video broadcasting and trends as they translate comments in real time. As for Moments it shows the events that have occurred in past.

New Explore button has already appeared on iOS app, in the coming weeks it will be available on Android.

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