French designer Jérôme Olivet with art direction from Philippe Starck presented the concept of new smartphone without touchscreen called Alo. The device will be activated by voice commands, while all information will be displayed in form of holograms projected from camera.

According to Olivet, body of the device is made of aluminium, but there is additional elastic shell that will make smartphone pleasant to hold. Unusual material selected for innovative smartphone will be able to self-repair in case you drop it. In addition, the entire Alo’s surface will vibrate and give off heat.

It is reported that Alo will have an integrated AI-assistant, which can respond to voice and recognize its owner’s speech. But do not confuse it with AI-messenger from Google – Allo, which is controlled by Google Assistant.

For the present designers have developed the Alo’s concept for French electronics company Thomson, but tangible prototype of the new device is expected in the future.

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