youtube live

YouTube has announced the launch of new mobile streaming feature, which is only available for creators with 10,000 or more subscribers. It is expected that all YouTube users will be able to check out the update soon.

In order to begin live broadcast it is necessary to press “capture” button. After that subscribers will get instant notification. When the broadcast is finished, record will be saved automatically. It can be found through search, added to playlist and protected against unauthorized use, like any other video. During beta testing the team found several issues, so chat was slowed down during broadcasts and image quality was improved for each mobile device.

Since many users are interested in monetizing live streaming, YouTube has added one more feature – Super Chat. Now all viewers may draw attention of creators by paying fixed sum of money. As a result, their messages will be highlighted with bright colors and placed above others in chat for up to five hours.

There are serious rivals like Facebook and Twitter in mobile video broadcast market, but YouTube wants to stand out with the focus on its content creators.

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