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Facebook has released an update for platform Analytics for Apps, which is created for developers in order to track websites and mobile apps user statistics. Now it is possible to compare different segments of audience, for example, people from different countries. In addition, the system will provide data about domains that allows tracking where users are coming from.

User segmentation information was provided in earlier versions of Analytics for Apps, but it was not so easy to find it. In updated service it is necessary to make just a few clicks. In addition to this, domain name recognition is also not entirely new feature for platforms, as earlier users were able to be ranked on mobile and desktop.

The main aim of Analytics for Apps is to help developers understand audience better and build more effective cooperation on basis of the data provided. According to Facebook, service is already running with one million mobile applications, websites and bots since launch in 2015. Analysis of bots was added three months ago.

Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Leanplum are the most powerful competitors of Analytics for Apps. However, Facebook promises to its customers that it will provide more information about audience insights and demographics than other players on the market.

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