Twitter has officially launched the update with which usernames in replies are no longer counted towards the limit of 140 characters. Therefore, microblogging audience may exchange tweets, having more symbols than before. Despite the fact that testing of new function lasted almost a year, many users were dissatisfied with unwieldy messages on Twitter.

There are too many usernames which are mentioned in tweets, so the tweets turn into huge blocks, which is contrary to the original concept of Twitter. Moreover, some use the update to spread spam, although such behavior is prohibited by rules of microblogging. Situation was aggravated by the fact that users began to receive a lot of unnecessary notifications. Conversations and notifications can be partially turned off, but in this case, tweets that are really important can be lost.

Twitter has decided to implement changes in response to requests from users and after research, but has not yet been able to achieve the desired response from microblogging audience.

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