South Korea is a developed region, which doesn’t slow its pace for a second. Main conclusions are listed below, the full report is available as a PDF at the end of this post. In the PDF, we cover cultural and economic specifics, major app stores, speak with experts from TUNE, Rebound Mobile and 101XP.

  • South Korea has an incredible ARPU for one mobile player. It is due to high engagement and existing cultural values and peculiarities. Also, economic growth and political support to the industry are among the reasons.
  • Mobile games’ revenues grow each year, and record breaking mobile device penetration makes investments to the segment profitable.
  • The region support e-sports, but a company must work hard to get to the mobile segment of e-sports. Top positions in grossing games are expensive ($1-2M per month).
  • The region has more diverse social media and messenger landscape if compared to Russia. It seems that one product a niche is not enough for Koreans. Such diversity of similar products creates healthy competition with positive effect to the market. At the same time the market is mainly dominated by local players, unlike Russia, which is evident from the top grossing charts featuring mainly Korean companies.

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