The ever-first social network Six Degrees was created in 1997 allowing the users to create profiles and make friends with other users. Social media is booming the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are all the rage.

social media app

Even though social media started with websites, nowadays everyone uses smartphones to chat or share a cool vacation photo. Networking apps have become an integral part of our daily life. In the morning most people check their smartphones first.

Social media apps have changed the way people communicate with friends. Everything has gone viral. Instead of calling, we can text or send an emoji. Every social networking service changes the people’s perception of communication as well social values to some extent.

You do know how popular Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat are, don’t you? Let’s hop over small app components to find out the core features of a successful social media app as well as its costs.

How to create a social media app

Before you start requesting custom price quotes from app development companies, you’ll have to outline what product you’re going to develop.

In simple words – consider the key features of your future app.

We’ve lined up some simple questions you should answer before developing an app.

social media app

What is your target market?

It’s obvious. If you understand the needs of your end user, you can create a favorite social media app.

People don’t like how photo sharing work on Facebook. That’s the reason for Instagram to be developed. Instagram offers more anonymity and less public shaming.

Do you get the picture? Find out the main frustrations and pains of the target audience and dwell on them.

It’s better to conduct a thorough market research and some direct surveys to get a comprehensive idea of what the users expect to see in a new social media app. You can’t build a successful product relying only on your assumptions and feelings.

Going on. You know your target users and what they need. It’s time to utilize a user-story based approach to identify the core social media app features.

What platform should you develop for?

It’s one of the most common questions. There isn’t any right answer to this question. You just have to mull it over.

Popular social networks started as both mobile-only apps (Android and iOS-only) as well as web applications. Whereas in most cases iOS apps were first to release due to a range of obvious reasons.

Web appы usually take more time and money to develop. The same goes right for cross-platform apps.

The mobile platform you’ll choose to develop first should be relevant for your target audience matching its preferences. Take a quick look at the map.

social media app

You can see that iOS is the most popular mobile platform in Northern America, Western Europe. Android dominates the Asian region, Brazil, and Africa.

Key features to integrate into your future app

Let’s take a closer look at the features you should implement when developing a social media app. The following list encompasses the must-use features taken from the popular social networking apps.

Key features that can make your app popular:

  • Registration
  • Profile
  • Messages
  • Media Content
  • Newsfeed
  • Serch
  • Comments

These are the essential features that your first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) should have.

Smooth registration

Registration via existing user profiles is a good way to start. There are two primary reasons for that:

  • Registration has to be seamless and fast
  • Existing social media connections encourage and ease the process of adoption

Implementing registration via existing social media accounts will let the users import their data from other social networks. Again, fewer steps in registration facilitate the adoption.

Let the users express themselves

To develop an addictive media app, you need to excite the users straight of the bat.

What cool features can you add to your app to get a wow effect?

  • Live Streaming
  • Funny Photo Effects
  • Anonymous Messages

These are three basic features to make the app stand out from the crowd. Consider basic customization features allowing the users to create personal profiles that you should integrate into your MVP.

  • Profile Photo
  • Profile Look
  • Name/Nickname
  • Customizable Profile URL
  • Newsfeed

One of the greatest user retention mechanism is a social media success story since social networks, where nothing happens, are no fun.

Most of the networks rely on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and thus encouraging people to use the app and check on the news as often as possible. Hence, push notification will come useful in every social media app.

What else can you include in the newsfeed:

  • Updates (blog post, photo, video, etc.)
  • Interaction with the news content (like, share, save, etc.)
  • Way to report inappropriate content or spam

And find  your secret feature to outmatch all existing media apps.

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