ABC AR Space Discovery

An AR app from Australian Broadcast Company that is aimed to teach people about space in an interactive way. With ABC AR, you can construct your own ISS, study Jupiter and the Jovian moons. It even allows you to clean space garbage around Earth! In each activity, you place AR objects around your room, making it a cool interactive way to learn about the space.

Download ABC AR Space Discovery for iOS

Home Design 3D

Home Design is a house or a flat planner. This app allows to create your home almost from scratch. The rooms are planned with every single detail in mind, and you can not only choose furniture, but also change the floor design, paint the walls or play with various sizes. Interface is a bit complicated, and requires time to learn.

Download Home Design 3D for iOS

Atlas Wallpaper

Atlas Wallpaper is a simple app that transforms any app into wallpaper for your phone. Choose any city on the world map and click Save Wallpaper — it’s that simple.

Лучшие мобильные приложения мая 2018

Download Atlas Wallpaper for iOS

Kitchen Stories

Лучшие мобильные приложения мая 2018

Kitchen Stories is a free cooking app with a whole variety of recipes and tips. Each recipe has its own difficulty, cooking time, list of ingredients and a step-by-step video from their YouTube channel. Recipes are prepared by professional chefs and are uploaded weekly.

Download Kitchen Stories for iOS

Download Kitchen Stories for Android



CamToPlan is a new AR app that allows you to measure rooms. Move over the edges of the room while pointing your smartphone at them, and the VR tape will measure lengths, including corners, and map them out as you go. CamToPlan is best used in good lighting conditions.

Download CamToPlan for Android

Horizon Explorer

Another ARCore app, this one allows to measure the distance between you and a faraway object by simply pointing your smartphone at it. At the moment, the app comes without ads or in-app purchases.

Download Horizon Explorer for Android

Opera Touch

Opera Touch is a new Flow browser from Opera. The Flow function allows you to synchronize your work between your smartphone and PC browsers by scanning QR code. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a Fast Actions button that you can use to switch between tabs or perform a quick search. The browser is also equipped with an ad blocker and cryptocurrency mining protection.

Download Opera Touch for Android


SteamLink allows you to play games and watch movies from your Steam library on your smartphone. Just link your controller to the device and start playing! The app also allows to connect to other devices in the local network that have Steam running.

Download SteamLink for Android

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