In the last couple of years, retention has become the main measure and the biggest pain for all mobile marketers. Although more and more users prefer mobile as a platform to communicate with brands, companies don’t fully understand how they can keep their customers from leaving.

Here are 7 ways to do it.

7 Ways to Improve Your App’s Retention

Getting to know the app gives you a chance to explain its value to the user. If they understand what tasks your app solves, its value will rise significantly. Remember: users don’t care about your features; they want to know what they can do with them.

App messages

These are in-app notifications shown to the user after they perform a specific action. In-app notifications are relevant as they facilitate the experience and navigation in your app.

Push notifications

These offer the main way to interact with your app’s users. Because push notifications appear directly on the home screen, you have to be very careful in compiling them. Write good personalized text and ‘push’ it using features like Rich Push and GeoPush.


Users love when the app appeals to them directly. They want apps to recognize their preferences, locations, and their actions in the app itself.


By understanding which users might stop using your app in the near future, you get a chance to save them. Use predictive marketing to create individual campaigns — this helps prevent your audience from leaving.


Many users don’t want push notifications, which makes it harder to communicate with them and make them stay. If this is the case for you, try remarketing. You can use email, social media and contextual advertising to pass the message to your app’s users. Don’t forget saved user data, i.e. their actions, interests and preferences — this maximizes your ads’ relevance.

A/B tests

For early stages, A/B tests is a great way to check how your marketing strategies perform and sort out inefficient ones. These tests not only educate you but also can determine what features increase conversion rate or make customers use your app again. The most common field of use is CTA.


The most common mistake that many marketers or big companies make is not including their app in the general marketing strategy. Brand ads often don’t even mention their app, and consumers don’t realize that it exists. You should push your app by talking about it in advertisements: provide a link, mention its pros and give a general idea of why people should use it. This works great for clothing brands: users install apps to find out about discounts and new fashion collections or to check the shop inventory in advance.


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