StoryZ Photo Motion

StoryZ transforms your photos by adding a simple motion effect. In-app tools allow you to melt away certain elements of your photo or even embed videos.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download StoryZ Photo Motion for iOS

Battle Royale IRL

This app will introduce Battle Royale elements in your paintball or nerf-gun experience. Mark the designated zone in the app, and as soon as the game begins the circle will grow more narrow and narrow. Players not able to escape the closing border in time will be eliminated, and in the end, only one will stand.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download Battle Royale IRL for iOS

MAVIS Pro Camera

Mavis transforms your iPhone into a professional video shooting camera. The app allows setting exposure and focus as you shoot, and offers other cam elements in the options, like monitors, microphone choice, color balance and more. Mavis is not new, however, this July, it changed its model to IAP from paid.

Download MAVIS Pro Camera for iOS


Creators of InVision Studio present their new design app. Thanks to mirroring, you can sync actions on your phone with your PC monitor, and comment on existing boards or even create new ones. While still in beta, this app is already a great addition to Studio, making presentation easier and helping with other routine tasks.


Download InVision for iOS


Adobe Spark Post

Spark Post from Adobe is a photo editing tool that many Instagram creators will find to their liking. The app comes with various filters, Auto-Recolor function, and provides text editing tools, like setting Magic Text, outlines, shades, etc. If you don’t want to spend time looking over all the features, you can start right away with one of the existing templates.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download Adobe Spark Post for Android

App Hoarder

App Hoarder is a reminder tool for when certain apps go on sale or become free permanently. Set up your wishlist, and App Hoarder will notify you when one of your favourite apps becomes available.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download App Hoarder for Android

Google Podcasts

This is Google’s attempt to create its own independent app for podcasts. Google Podcasts uses internal recommendation algorithms, offering users content depending on their preferences. You can sync the app with other Android devices or Google Home.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download Google Podcasts for Android


If you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument but didn’t know where to start, try Musitude. This app transforms your device into a music tablet allowing you to create simple compositions and study as you progress.

Download Musitude for Android


Picnic is a simple and light photo editor. Unlike Spark Post, this app only offers a few filters but it compensates with a light and user-friendly interface. If you only want to correct color or exposure without spending time learning a difficult photo editor, then Picnic is the app for you.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download Picnic Photo Editor for Android


This photo editing app comes with its own AI assistant that recommends filters and effects depending on scene. Because the algorithm uses photo recognition, your pictures actually get better: faces look more natural, while nature appears deep and vibrant.

Лучшие мобильные приложения июля 2018

Download Picai Smart AI Camera for Android

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